Laser Cutting & Engraving Services

Our laser machine can cut and engrave the smallest of details on a wide variety of materials including woods, aluminum, plastics, and acrylic! With the fastest laser engraver in the market, our laser capabilities include enhanced cutting speed, high-speed processing, and the ability to cut through thicker materials. The camera can read registrations marks, creating the possibility to utilize the laser together with our large-format printer, digital cutter, and CNC router. The pass-through feature also reduces the limitations of the table size with the ability to run longer pieces through the machine. The rotary attachment also allows for engraving of conical, cylindrical, and spherical objects.


Lamacoid tags and labels are a popular cost-effective option for identification and signage with quick turnaround times and is a top seller with our laser services! Lamacoids are available in almost any colour and can come with adhesive backing or screw holes for indoor or outdoor application.

Our laser cutting & engraving services include:

Engraved Plastic Lamacoids
Industrial Labels and Tags
Safety Labels and Tags
Electrical Panel Tags
Control Panel Tags
Instrument Panel Tags
Equipment Labels and Tags
Custom Panel Labels and Tags
Name Plates
Name Tags
Office Door Signage
Dimensional Lettering
Directional Signage
POP Displays and Signage
Business Signage
And much more!